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Tether Introduces Recovery Tool for Smooth USDT Transfers Amidst Blockchain Disruptions

The Arabian Post 04 Mar 2024
The primary function of this recovery tool is to facilitate the transfer of USDT tokens in situations where the blockchain network supporting the user’s holdings becomes temporarily unavailable or experiences technical difficulties.

Ether.Fi Pledges $600M in Ether to Reinforce Omni Network

CoinGape 04 Mar 2024
The move is especially important because it came after Ether.Fi’s $23 million Series A fundraising round demonstrates the protocol’s solid financial situation and the drive to develop a reliable blockchain environment.

Coinbase Unveils Asset Recovery for BNB and Polygon Networks

CoinGape 27 Feb 2024
Taking a proactive approach towards the popular issue of lost assets while transacting on unsupported blockchains, Coinbase has put forward a remedy. Users who have encountered such situations can ...

BitForex Plunges Offline amidst $57 Million Crypto Withdrawal Mystery

Finance Magnates 27 Feb 2024
The situation was first brought to light by blockchain detective ZachXBT, who noted the cessation of withdrawal transactions and the apparent unresponsiveness of BitForex's team ... The situation ...

BlockDAG is Rising Fast With Sei and Myro Following Behind

Coinnounce 25 Feb 2024
In addition to this, the platform has set a target of hitting a $600M value from its presale, so those who have invested now are in for a win-win situation.  ... blockchain platform.Final Thoughts.

Vitalik Buterin Not a Fan of Simplifying L1s at the Expense of L2s

Coin Edition 22 Feb 2024
Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of the blockchain network Ethereum, has stated that he ... The Ethereum creator gave the example of a situation where there is a consensus failure in a Layer 1 blockchain.

Research Reveals Shocking Truth: Attacking Bitcoin and Ethereum is “Economically Unfeasible”

Crypto Economy 16 Feb 2024
The term ‘51% attack’ is used to describe a situation where a consortium of miners, who hold over half of the network’s mining hash rate or computational power, launch an assault on a blockchain ... When it comes to Bitcoin, the situation is similar.

BAF and Arbitrum collaborate for Arbitrum Workshop Session 1

CryptoNewsZ 12 Feb 2024
A collaboration between the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF) and Arbitrum has established a procedure to scrutinize the development of decentralized applications that make use of Arbitrum’s technology ... Blockchain News ... Blockchain News.

XRP To Integrate With Key Ally Flare Networks, Here’s How

BitRSS 11 Feb 2024
... former, a situation that is poised to change soon.

Opinion: Cryptocurrency’s risks prove too high to fully trust it as a form of banking

Daily Bruin 09 Feb 2024
Alan Wu, a fourth-year computer science student and the treasurer of Blockchain at UCLA, said patterns similar to the FTX situation had already occurred years earlier with a company called Mt Gox.

Bitcoin Gains Momentum As Institutional Interest Surges

NULLTX 07 Feb 2024
#Bitcoin Transfer Volumes remain extremely robust with around $7.7B/day in economic volume processed ... ... This situation will Keep going, because there is. — Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) February 6, 2024 ... Disclosure ... ....

Pundit Argues $14 Trillion to Flow into XRP with 1% of Share Tokenization Market

Coin Edition 05 Feb 2024
A prominent member of the XRP community has envisioned a situation in which trillions of dollars flow into the XRP market, driven by the XRP blockchain’s usefulness in facilitating real-world asset (RWA) tokenization.

Revolutionizing dApp Development: How Forward’s AI Cuts Deployment Time to Under 2 Minutes

Cryptopolitan 04 Feb 2024
As we approach 2024, blockchain technology is experiencing a significant upswing, with projected to reach $19 billion. This increase has been consistent since 2017 and signals blockchain’s expanding role in the business sector.

Blockchain Aviation Market Heads Towards Volatility Amid Receding Demand

CoinGape 03 Feb 2024
The blockchain aviation industry is on its way to grow nearly tenfold in the upcoming decade ... As the private jet market struggles to rise, the blockchain aviation industry is juxtaposed with a volatile situation.

Bitcoin Mining Hashrate Rockets to Unprecedented Levels – What’s Behind the Boom?

Crypto Economy 31 Jan 2024
It is essential to note that, while this situation provides immediate benefits for miners, the blockchain will eventually increase difficulty in future adjustments, potentially causing a withdrawal of ...

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